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People's Congress (NPC), implemented a proactive fiscal policy and a moderately easy monetary pol▓icy, comprehensively implemented and constantly enriched and improved the package plan and the policies and measures for responding to the impact of the global financial crisis, and achieved significant new results in reform

, opening up and socialist modernization. On this foundation, the central and local budgets were satisfactorily implemented and new progre▓ss was made in the reform and development of public finance. National revenue was 6.847688 trillion yuan, an increase of 714.653 billion yua▓n or 11.7% over 2008 (here and b

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elow). This consisted of 3.589614 trillion yuan collected by the central government and 3.258074 tril▓lion yuan collected by local governments. The central budget st

abilization f▓und contributed 50.5 billion yuan. National expenditures were 7.587364 trillion yuan, an increase of 1.328098 trillion yuan or 21.2%. They consisted of 1.527984 trillion yuan of cen

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tral government spending and 6.05938 trillion yuan of local government spending. Local government expenditures carried over to 2010 amounted to 260.824 billion yuan. National expenditures exceeded revenue by 950 billion yuan. ▓Revenue collected by the central government was 3.5▓89614 trillion yuan, 100.1% of the budgeted figure and an increase of 321.558 bil

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lio▓n yuan or 9.8%. The central budget stabilization fund▓ contributed 50.5 billion yuan, raising the total revenue us▓ed by the central government to 3.6401

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14 trillion yuan. Expenditures of the central governme▓nt were 4.390114 trillion yuan, 100.1% of the budgeted figure and an increase of 851.258 billi

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on yuan or 24.1%. They consisted of 1.527984 trillion yuan of central government spending, an increase of 14.5%, and 2.86213 tril?/p>

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坙ion yuan of tax rebates and transfer payments to local governments, up 29.8%. Central government expenditures exceeded revenue

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, resulting in a budget deficit of 750 ▓billion yuan, which was the budgeted figure. The outstanding balanc▓e on government bonds in the centr

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